"...Mightily in synch, each a distinct, strong personality. Drummer Zack Marks is focused and energized, more rock savvy in his cement-steady beat, while bassist Vogt is a textural player who uses pedals to flip his role from anchor to rudder. Most versatile may be keyboardist Andrew Lawrence, commanding a raft of flavors from Rhodes, organ, piano and Moog. Lawrence is versed in Bach counterpoint but interpolates wry, unexpected elements, then retreats into tasteful background motifs or lockstep lines with Andrick." Michael Jackson - Downbeat Magazine”

Michael Jackson -Downbeat

Bonzo Squad

Bonzo Squad is an instrumental jazz ensemble based in Chicago IL, with a focus on 
presenting fun, eclectic music with a high level of musicianship. The group consists of 
Bonzo himself, born Corbin Andrick, who plays the flute and the saxophones. 
Completing the line up are Andrew Lawrence on keyboards, Andrew Vogt on bass, and 
Zack Marks on drumset. The band formed in 2014 through playing a weekly residency at 
Lilly’s in Chicago. 

In 2017, they released their first, self-titled album, which received a coveted 4-star 
review from Downbeat Magazine. The track “Lemons” was added to Spotify’s popular 
“The State of Jazz” playlist. In 2019, Bonzo Squad released their sophomore record, 
“There’s Always Tomorrow.” They also moved their residency from Lilly’s to the Arrogant 
Frog, and finally to aliveOne, where they are still performing live every Thursday night. 


Bonzo Squad kept active during the Covid-19 pandemic, producing a series of virtual 
livestreams on Facebook and YouTube. The released the live album “Live At aliveOne” 
in 2020, and were nominated by the Chicago Reader as one of the best jazz bands in 
Chicago, in their 2020 best of poll. 

In addition to their weekly residency at aliveOne, Bonzo Squad has produced tribute 
shows to Stevie Wonder and Vulfpeck through the Jazz Record Art Collective in 
Chicago, IL. They have also presented numerous educational clinics at High Schools, 
both in person and virtually.

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Noteworthy Achievements:

#51 placement on JazzWeek Radio charts (top 100 for 11 straight weeks)

"The State of Jazz" Spotify Placement

Downbeat Magazine Review of our debut album

Two Sold Out Performances of Stevie Wonder's Innervisions

Weekly Residencies at Chicago's AliveOne, Arrogant Frog and Lilly's

*physical copies also available upon request*

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