"...Mightily in synch, each a distinct, strong personality. Drummer Zack Marks is focused and energized, more rock savvy in his cement-steady beat, while bassist Vogt is a textural player who uses pedals to flip his role from anchor to rudder. Most versatile may be keyboardist Andrew Lawrence, commanding a raft of flavors from Rhodes, organ, piano and Moog. Lawrence is versed in Bach counterpoint but interpolates wry, unexpected elements, then retreats into tasteful background motifs or lockstep lines with Andrick.

Michael Jackson - Downbeat Magazine

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Bonzo Squad plays Vulfpeck's "Thrill of the Arts"

Fulton Street Collective, 1821 W Hubbard, Chicago, IL

We're gonna hit the entire album "Thrill of the Arts" from the tippety top to the tippety bottom.

Featuring: Andrew Demuro, Cole DeGenova, Maggie Vagle - Vox Anders Nordstrom & Justin Canavan - Guitar Jon Marks - Percussion

$10 at the door

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